How altering your jeans can make all the difference!

How altering your jeans can make all the difference!

Why tailoring your jeans can make all the difference!

We all know that jeans are the ultimate item of clothing – they’re comfortable, go with everything and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. That is, if they fit well. We’ve all been there before – bought what we thought was the perfect pair of jeans in our regular size, only to try them on at home and be presented with a huge gap at the waist, an awkwardly long hem or an unflattering baggy leg.

While people don’t generally think twice before altering a suit or cocktail dress – what about jeans? The most hard-working garment in our wardrobes, jeans are often thrown away if they’re not the perfect fit.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Making alterations to jeans is simple, if you know how. It’s a relatively inexpensive option for a perfect fit, meaning you can purchase a cheap pair and have them tailored specifically for you, for a fifth of the price of a designer pair. So, if you’re looking for an expert denim tailor, read on to find out how we can help.

So, how can our Manchester jeans alteration services help?

Over time, denim tends to stretch and fall apart. Everyone has a pair of jeans they love and have worn to death yet are no longer fit for their current purpose. But, there’s no need to see them go to waste. There are plenty of options to ensure a perfect fit:

Altering the length

There is nothing worse than buying jeans, only to have to roll them up every time you wear them. An easy fix is to get your hems altered by a jeans alterations specialist. Depending on the look you’re after, our tailors offer a few different options that will result in a clean and sleek finish.

For those looking to maintain an original, or distressed, hem, your tailor will be able to remove the fabric from the bottom and reattach your original hem to maintain the items’ unique style. Alternatively, for those looking for a different finish, we can ‘inside hem’ jeans by folding in the extra fabric and sewing it in place.

Tailoring the leg

One of the best ways to drastically change a pair of jeans you no longer love is to tailor the legs to create a slimmer style. You may have a new, or old, pair of jeans that are much too baggy over your thighs, crotch or even at the hem, and may be looking for a skinner style. While most people will throw away those clothes that obviously don’t fit, taking your jeans to be altered is a great way to breathe new life into outdated styles and shapes.

Nipping in the waist

Anyone with an hourglass figure will be more than aware how hard it is to find jeans that both fit over your hips and closely skim your waist. A good tailor will easily be able to alter the waistband of your jeans, so it hugs your waist, without drastically changing the shape of the jeans themselves. So, ditch that belt and show off your figure with pride!

jeans alterations

Our top tips:

-        Wash your jeans before you take them to your tailor – there’s no point in paying for alterations, just for them to shrink soon after.

-        Bring shoes with you to your appointment – if you always wear certain shoes with your jeans, you’ll want to wear them to help your tailor mark your jeans at the correct length.

-        Tailors are experts, but they’re not magicians – be mindful that a great tailor can fix a lot, but not everything. The crotch, rise and hips of your jeans are hard to tailor, so if they don’t have the desired fit, there’s not much point in paying for alterations.

Why work with Alterations Boutique?

Whether you’re looking for a new zip or replacement buttons or you need a quick fix for a ripped seam, we’ve got you covered.

Here at Alterations Boutique Manchester, we have decades of experience in offering our clients exceptional Manchester clothing alterations services. Whether you’re looking for denim or suit alterations, our highly talented team of master tailors will be able to make sure you feel confident in clothes that perfectly fit both your body and your needs. Contact us for a consultation today!


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