Work Dress Alterations: Become Tailor Made for Your Job!

Work Dress Alterations: Become Tailor Made for Your Job!

It’s no secret that a great-fitting piece of clothing can improve your confidence by leaps and bounds. This is no less true for the work dress; a stylish and professional dress can transport you into business mode, ready to take on that board meeting or deliver that crucial presentation. These are the situations where confidence-inspiring clothing is essential!

Sadly, not every dress you purchase will be the perfect fit; in some places it may be too tight, in others too loose, or just not quite to your liking. You may find yourself relegating a dress you originally bought with excitement to the back of the wardrobe, or wear it only if you must. It doesn’t always have to be so! Thankfully professional dress alterations can give your work dresses a new lease of life.

Why Dress Alterations?

When you’re not spending time thinking about how your clothes are fitting and how your body looks, you have more time to think about the things that matter; to take a quote from Yves Saint Laurent, “isn’t elegance forgetting what one is wearing?” With a work dress that fits perfectly, you won’t have to worry about appearance and can focus on the tasks ahead.

A good seamstress can completely transform how a dress looks on you, using tried and tested dress alterations techniques according to the style, cut, and fabric available. Whether you are looking for small changes to make the perfect dress even more perfect, or want to revamp a dress into a totally new work outfit, a lot can be achieved with dress altering.

The Dress Alterations Process

When you take a dress to a professional seamstress at Alterations Boutique, first they will have a consultation meeting with you about what you are looking to achieve, offering advice depending on the type of dress and your desires. From here, the seamstress will get to work on the dress, performing alterations that could include:

Shortening or lengthening the dress and/or straps

Taking in or letting out the sides

Narrowing the shoulders

Reshaping the neckline

Adding details and embellishments

General repairs and zip replacement

Once alterations are complete, you can try on your dress to ensure it fits like a dream! We love helping our clients feel comfortable and confident in everything they wear, including daily wear as well as wedding dresses or special occasion dresses.

If you’re ready to have work dresses that always fit beautifully and instil confidence, get in touch with Alterations Boutique today.

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