Winter wonderland weddings: staying warm on your big day

Winter wonderland weddings: staying warm on your big day

8 ways to keep warm at your wedding

Winter weddings are a dreamy affair, with snow-kissed landscapes and a cosy atmosphere that sets the stage for romance. However, the chill in the air might have you wondering how to stay warm without sacrificing style on your special day. In this blog, we'll explore creative and elegant ways to keep the cold at bay while still looking fabulous, ensuring your winter wedding is a warm and unforgettable celebration.

Choose the right fabric for your wedding dress

Start with the foundation of your winter bridal look—the wedding dress. Opt for luxurious, heavier fabrics like satin, velvet, or silk that not only exude elegance but also provide insulation against the cold. These materials will keep you warm without compromising on style, and you can even explore dresses with added layers for extra cosiness.

Long sleeves and high necklines

Consider choosing a wedding dress with long sleeves or a high neckline to provide additional coverage. Not only are these styles on-trend, but they also serve a practical purpose by keeping you warmer. Lace or illusion sleeves can add a touch of romance while maintaining a sense of sophistication. If you fall in love with a sleeveless dress, you can add them during alterations.

Faux fur wraps and stoles

For a touch of old-world glamour and warmth, accessorise with a faux fur wrap or stole. Drape it over your shoulders for an elegant look that harkens back to vintage Hollywood glamour. Faux fur accessories not only keep you warm but also make a bold fashion statement, adding texture and richness to your overall ensemble.

Winter accessories

Incorporate winter accessories into your bridal look to stay warm and chic. Consider donning a pair of stylish gloves or a knitted shawl that complements your gown. Opt for accessories in colours that match your wedding theme for a cohesive and visually appealing look.

Chic bridal boots or closed-toe shoes

While open-toe shoes might be the norm for weddings, consider embracing the winter season with stylish closed-toe shoes or even bridal boots. Not only will they keep your feet warm, but they also add a touch of uniqueness to your bridal ensemble. Choose footwear that compliments your dress and makes a statement in the winter wonderland setting.


Layer with a bridal cape or poncho

Elevate your winter bridal look with a bridal cape or poncho. These statement pieces not only provide an extra layer of warmth but also add drama and flair to your overall appearance. Opt for a design that compliments your dress, whether it's a sheer lace cape or a cosy woollen poncho.

Heated venue and seating arrangements

Work with your venue to ensure a comfortable temperature for you and your guests. Consider venues with indoor heating or explore options for outdoor heating solutions. Provide cosy seating arrangements with blankets or cushions for guests to stay warm during the ceremony and reception.

Keeping cosy at your winter wedding

A winter wedding is a magical experience, and with thoughtful planning, you can stay warm and stylish on your special day. From choosing the right fabrics and accessories to considering the comfort of your bridal party and guests, these tips will help you create a cosy and elegant celebration. Embrace the beauty of the season, and let your winter wonderland wedding be a warm and enchanting affair filled with love and lasting memories.


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