“Which Wedding Dress is Right for Me?” Find Your Ideal Bridal Style

Which Wedding Dress is Right for Me

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, what bridal style you’re looking for is essential to know. These range all the way from fairy tale princess to dark gothic queen, with everything else in between. This post will teach you about the four most popular themes for wedding dresses, helping you figure out which style suits your personality. We’ll also throw in tips about how you can use wedding dress alterations  to make the dress even more unique to your style!

The Fairy Tale Princess Wedding Dress

This type of dress is for the particularly romantic type who has always dreamt of being a princess on her wedding day. The fairy tale dress theme is all about making your childhood dreams come true, thinking back to the dresses you used to draw and pretend to wear as a little girl, but this time it’s real. There’s all types of princess dresses out there for you to choose from, typically with a voluminous ball gown skirt, or sometimes the more understated A-line. They can be bejewelled with sparkles or scattered with lace, or you could buy it plain and get it customised! Wedding dress alterations allow you to customise your dress to the style you want.

Boho Wedding Dresses

If a traditional style of wedding scares you, then you could be a boho bride. A bohemian wedding is an unconventional celebration that goes much more down the route of a relaxed, carefree attitude towards your special day. For the boho wedding dress, a quirky style is incorporated into long, flowy materials, beading, and jewellery throughout the dress. Bohemian brides can embrace the theme and take the dress in any direction they wish. Wedding dress alterations could take your simple satin dress to full on bohemian by adding some accents to completely change the style.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage wedding dresses are all about combining old-fashioned elegance with a modern sense of style. Draw inspiration from decades past by wearing a lacey gown with accents of beading, or a sleek satin dress that drapes over your body to the ground. The vintage theme is for the bride who loves the fashion of the past and wants a timeless wedding with a classic style. If buying a brand-new dress isn’t what you want, you could up-cycle a relative’s old dress and have some wedding dress alterations to fit you and the exact style that you want.

Gothic Wedding Dresses

If you are more interested in a wedding that celebrates the gothic tradition, then why not style your wedding dress off this theme? You might think a gothic wedding dress could be a bit gimmicky like a Halloween costume, but it’s definitely not if you know how to style it right. You could go for a deep colour such as a black or dark red to vamp up your bridal style. There’s even the option to get a white dress with black appliques on them, and if there’s not one in store that suits your style then you could always get some wedding dress alterations.

Already found your ideal wedding dress style but in need of an alterations specialist? Get in touch with Alterations Boutique and we can arrange a no-obligation consultation appointment to advise you on the time needed and cost of alterations work on your dress.

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