Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts about planning your wedding. Make sure it’s fun and not stressful! Going into your appointment completely clueless about what to expect is a recipe for disaster, which is why we’ve put together a few tips to help you prepare for your first appointment, saving you from making common bridal mistakes.

Take a select amount of people

The more people you take to your appointment, the more opinions get involved. As a bride, you of course want to hear what other people think of the dress you wear on your special day; however, taking too many people can be confusing. If you fall in love with a dress then turn around to hear from your party that some of them don’t like it, it can be quite overwhelming.

Taking a select few people, such as close family members and your maid of honour, is the best way to have your appointment. There won’t be too many opinions and the people there are likely to support your final choice even if it wasn’t their favourite. If you feel like people will be left out, take them to your dress fitting instead. That way they can see the dress without convincing you to change it.

Have an idea of what style you like

Wedding dress boutiques are filled with dresses, so many that it would be impossible for you to try them all on. Before your appointment, therefore, you should look for styles you think would be best for you, ruling out anything you are positive you won’t like. This could be as simple as what type of detailing you think you’d like on your dress, or the shape which you feel will suit your body best. It’s important to be open minded as well though; just because you think you won’t like something doesn’t mean it won’t look nice on.

Take in your opinions to help your consultant, but also listen to their advice. They are the experts after all! If you fall in love with something that’s missing that one detail you really wanted, wedding dress alterations are always an option to make your dress perfect. Alterations Boutique offer free consultations and are happy to help make your dress uniquely yours.

Know your budget

It’s no secret that wedding dresses can be quite pricey. You need to make sure there’s money left for everything else that’s involved in a wedding! Let your bridal consultant know exactly how much you want to spend, making sure you don’t try on anything over your budget that you can’t afford. Falling in love with a dress way over your price point is dangerous, causing you to make impulse decisions and not always think about the budget. Choose a dress that is right for you and your bank card; there’s so many out there you are guaranteed to find one.

Ultimately, buying your wedding dress is an exciting time that you should enjoy. These tips will ensure you’re on your way to a perfect bridal appointment.

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