Avoid ‘Wedding Dress Regret’ with Alterations

Avoid Wedding Dress Regret with Alterations

You may have heard of the phenomenon of ‘wedding dress regret’, where a bride has doubts about her dress after buying it and before the wedding day comes. There can be several reasons why these feelings of regret occur – perhaps you’ve found a dress style you like more since purchasing your gown, or maybe the dress doesn’t feel comfortable enough for you to feel relaxed and confident on your big day.

A good wedding dress seamstress can help you avoid wedding dress regret! Here at Alterations Boutique, our wedding dress alterations experts can help you feel perfect in your dress. From simple repairs and alterations for a better fit to total restyling procedures, a bridal seamstress can make significant changes to transform a dress.

Common Wedding Dress Regrets and their Alterations

Discomfort: is your dress too tight, too loose, or feels uncomfortable when you sit or move your arms? The dress alterations process can address these issues.

Length: are you envious of that gorgeous tea-length wedding dress you saw someone wearing? Or do you want a longer and more dramatic train for your dress? Wedding dresses can be lengthened or shortened in numerous ways depending on the style and fabric.

Sleeves: not feeling capped sleeves anymore, or spending too much time longingly looking at long lace sleeves on Pinterest while your strappy dress lies in your wardrobe? We can help! In most instances, sleeves can be easily added or removed from a wedding dress.

Neckline: changing the neckline style of your wedding gown is possible with dress alterations, so you can get that gorgeous sweetheart neckline or beautiful V-neck style for your dress.

Detail: do you want your dress to have a bit more ‘oomph’ or are you starting to regret the sheer amount of beading work on your bodice? We can often add or remove embellishments with alterations work.

What about wedding dress regret after the wedding?

If you happen to already be looking back on your wedding and regretting the dress you wore, all is not lost! Instead of consigning your dress to the back of your wardrobe, consider donating it or, if you want to keep it for memories of your wedding day, turning it into a keepsake with alterations. As part of our wedding dress alterations services, we can transform a wedding dress into several different items, including christening gowns, cocktail dresses, accessories, and wedding anniversary outfits. Just see this Cosmo article for some incredible examples!

If you're starting to feel 'wedding dress regrets' before the big day or even after it, get in touch with us and see how Alterations Boutique can help.

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